Colored short haircuts: top 8 unique ideas

Every woman, no matter how old she is, wants to look stylish, feminine, elegant and attract attention. In order to look young, women prefer ultra fashionable and stylish haircuts and hairstyles. Today in our article you will learn about the most fashionable and modern ideas for haircuts and vibrant hair colors. Short pixie hair The short pixie haircut is an incredibly popular haircut for women of all ages and with all hair types. If you have straight or wavy hair, a pixie cut will be the best option for you. A pixie haircut will perfectly highlight your facial features. Bob haircut The bob haircut has become a favorite haircut among many celebrities. She looks bright, bold and stylish, doesn't she? Bright blue ombre For women who are not afraid to experiment and yearn for dramatic changes, a bright hair color is exactly what they need. A bright blue ombre is a great choice. This shade looks incredibly lively and bright, and you will undoubtedly not be left without the attention of others. Ombre If you want a classic and austere look, don't go for bright hair colors. Ombre is a good option for those women who want to look feminine and elegant and, at the same time, attract attention with a stylish look. Short bob and blond hair A bob haircut combined with a light hair color has gained incredible popularity. If you are not a fan of bright and bold colors, a natural light color will be the best option for you, and a short bob haircut will go amazingly with dresses, pencil skirts and shirts. Short dark bob haircut Women with dark brown hair most often prefer this stylish and elegant bob cut. Layered purple bob haircut A multi-layered haircut will add incredible volume to your hair and, in combination with a purple shade of hair, you will look bright and modern and will not be left without the attention of others. You can complement your look with hair accessories. Versatile short haircut combined with vibrant hair color Bright color is the trend of this season in both clothes and hairstyles. If you want to look irresistible and attractive, you are not afraid to experiment and love to catch the eyes of others - this color is perfect for you. The color works great for women with fair skin tones, however, before dyeing your hair in this shade, do a test strand to see how the color appears on your hair. The perfect haircut with the appropriate hair color will not only refresh your look, but also highlight your individuality. Feel free to experiment with different vibrant hair colors and look stunning, because if not now, then when? To know more click the button below.